Ancestral Health SymposiumNL 2022

On health from an evolutionary perspective
Theme: Nutrition & Lifestyle



The many aspects of nutrition related to health

Diseases of affluence are putting an increasingly heavy burden on our economy and quality of life. The exploding burden of disease can only partly be explained by the aging population. Are people destined to become chronically ill? A growing group of doctors and scientists assume that the ‘western’ diseases are mainly caused by a mismatch between our current lifestyle and the living conditions in which we evolved.
The first Ancestral Health Symposium Netherlands was held on 26 September 2015 in Groningen in order to put this evolutionary medical perspective on the map in the Netherlands as well. The fifth Dutch Ancestral Health Symposium will be held on Saturday June 11, 2022 with a spectacular line-up!
Gary Taubes, Eric C. Westman, Amy Berger, Tim Noakes*, Yvo Sijpkens and Frits Muskiet have promised to speak. With these speakers and you as enthusiastic visitors, we are assured of a wonderful day full of science and experience!

* Tim Noakes will not be physically present at the upcoming symposium but his presentation will be streamed live …

On this day we put nutrition and lifestyle at the forefront of the fight for health from an evolutionary perspective. What mechanisms are behind the mismatch hypothesis and how do we reverse the trail to degenerative disease?
You can now register for the symposium; when registering you pay €129 ($151) (for students €50), including hot paleo/keto lunch, but if the symposium – for whatever reason – is unexpectedly canceled, you will receive a full refund.
Take a look at the programme!
Accreditation at MBOG has been requested.
We hope to welcome you on Saturday June 11 in Amsterdam UMC – Location AMC to come and experience this great group of scientists and fellow interested parties.

Curious about the people behind the symposium?

the volunteers


Saturday June 11 2022, Amsterdam UMC – Location AMC


Theme 2022: Nutrition & Lifestyle.


Get some fresh air and learn something about healthy exercise during a clinic.


Connect with people and companies who value being and staying healthy.


Saturday June 11 2022



Standard Tariff: € 129



Gary Taubes, Eric C. Westman, Amy Berger, Tim Noakes, Yvo Sijpkens, Frits Muskiet



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