Ancestral Health SymposiumNL 2022

AHS 2021 postponed to june 2022

Our organisation has unfortunately been compelled to postpone the October 2 symposium to Saturday June 11 2022. Growing uncertainties concerning COVID measures make it increasingly harder to organise a symposium accessible to everyone.

The fantastic line-up and location remain unchanged. All speakers – Gary Taubes, Eric C. Westman, Amy Berger, Tim Noakes, Yvo Sijpkens and Frits Muskiet – will be present on June 11!

Sign up now for our Lustrum Symposium and procure a ticket for this unique event. If you have already signed up you will receive a mail about this. When you register for the symposium you pay €129 ($151) which includes a hot paleo/keto lunch.

We are hard at work to make this an inspirational day in order to experience this wonderful science-filled day in a relaxed environment among kindred spirits.

We hope to welcome you on Saturday June 11 in Amsterdam UMC – Location AMC to come and experience this great group of scientists and fellow interested parties.


De voortstuwende kracht achter de Ancestral Health Stichting zijn de vrijwilligers, de bezoekers van de symposia en de sponsoren. Jouw donatie kan ons helpen om te groeien en onze positie te versterken.

Alle binnengekomen donaties zorgen er voor dat voeding en levensstijl meer op de kaart komt als interventie om de chronische ziektelast terug te draaien.

Alvast bedankt voor uw donatie.
Robert de Vos, voorzitter




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