Ancestral Health SymposiumNL 2021

On Saturday 2 October 2021, the AHS Netherlands is organizing its 5th symposium with a spectacular line-up! Tim Noakes, Gary Taubes, Eric C. Westman and Amy Berger have agreed to speak. With these speakers and you as enthusiastic visitors, we are assured of a wonderful day full of science and experience!

On this day we put nutrition and lifestyle at the forefront of the fight for health from an evolutionary perspective. What mechanisms are behind the mismatch hypothesis and how do we reverse the trail to degenerative disease?

You can now register for the symposium with an early bird discount. When registering before August 2021 you pay €109 ($133) instead of €129 ($158)!

It is now also possible to submit a proposal for a lecture or a clinic

We hope to welcome you on Saturday 2 October in Amsterdam UMC – Location AMC to come and experience this great group of scientists and fellow interested parties.



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