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As a healthcare professional, you are good at what you do, and you have a passion for helping people. But somehow you feel like you're falling short. For example, you have anatomical or orthomolecular knowledge, but you know little about a flexible mind and a vital company. Or you mainly work mentally or psychologically and have no eye for how someone eats, sits or sleeps. Or you're trapped in a job that doesn't suit your heart …

Becoming an OERsterk coach through training

Of course you read and hear about health everywhere. But it is difficult to collect reliable knowledge, let alone applicable knowledge. Because it is bursting with supply, but where do you start?

We have a Goal with a capital G. We want one million people to be health leaders by 2022.

Why? Simple: we are getting sick of modern life. Humans have never been so fat, sick and out of balance as they are now. We behave completely unnaturally and seem to have lost our way to a natural solution. An unhealthy lifestyle is the leading cause of death today – but the loss of quality of life may have an even greater impact.

We are at a dead end socially. Literal.

There is a great need for professionals who can connect to this cause. Using that lifestyle in the prevention and treatment of common health complaints such as fatigue, irritability, obesity, and disorders from diabetes to skin and intestinal complaints.

That is why we are looking for professionals to help us spread the health virus, so that a health epidemic arises in the Netherlands and Belgium.

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