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Online Natural Butcher De Woeste Grond stands for sustainability, animal friendliness, health and taste. These core values make the grass-fed natural meat pure and guaranteed to be free of blemishes! All products are free of antibiotics, sugars and artificial e-numbers.

Pure meat without aftertaste

Today’s meat industry has gone crazy: as much meat as possible at the lowest possible prices. The health of humans, animals and the environment has been lost sight of. De WoesteGrond does it completely differently: they farm with passion and love. Healthy and strong primeval breeds are used, which serve as landscape managers in Dutch nature reserves. Because they can eat and live instinctively, the administration of antibiotics or other medication is not necessary. In addition, they manage the entire process themselves, so that the origin of each slaughtered animal can be guaranteed.

The webshop contains: Scottish Highlanders, Black Angus, Tamworth bush pig, sheep, chicken, Dutch game and by-catch (fish).

Come and taste mess-free meat without aftertaste at the Woeste stand!

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