Eric Westman

Internet-based Versus Evidence-based Keto

Ketogenic diets have exploded in popularity over the last several years. The increasing awareness of the therapeutic potential of carbohydrate restriction brings with it positive and negative aspects. Misinformation and confusion abound as people try to piece together a “keto diet” influenced by multiple sources that are not well-vetted and may not be applicable to their particular health circumstances. Dr. Eric Westman will provide an overview of the history and scientific evidence supporting carbohydrate restriction and ketogenic diets and then move into a focused look at the myths and misunderstandings that lead people astray and prevent them from getting their desired results, and compare this “internet keto” to the clinical keto he has used in his practice for over two decades to help thousands of patients lose weight and reverse metabolic disease.

Programme Symposium 2022 – 14:30 PM

Eric Westman

Dr. Eric Westman is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke University. He is Board Certified in Obesity Medicine and Internal Medicine, and founded the Duke Keto Medicine Clinic in 2006 after 8 years of clinical research regarding low-carbohydrate ketogenic diets. He is Past-President and Master Fellow of the Obesity Medicine Association and a Fellow of The Obesity Society. He is an editor of the textbook, Obesity: Evaluation & Treatment Essentials, and author of the New York Times Bestseller The New Atkins for a New You, Cholesterol Clarity, and co-author of End Your Carb Confusion. He is co-founder of Adapt Your Life, an education and product company based on low-carbohydrate concepts.

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