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Harriët Verkoelen - Diabetes Overwinnen

Harriët Verkoelen’s book “Diabetes overwinnen en voorkomen” is about reversing and overcoming diabetes 2 with a low-carbohydrate diet as medicine. Go for the low-carb lifestyle. In Harriët Verkoelen’s experience, if you take this seriously, even 90% of people with type 2 diabetes can taper off or even stop most diabetes medications. Even insulin and the insulin pump. That is overcoming type 2 diabetes: losing weight, feeling fit, taking fewer medicines, improving your health and preventing late complications.

Type 1 Diabetes and the Low-Carb Lifestyle

There is also a lot to develop in type 1 diabetes! The biggest problem with type 1 is the huge fluctuating and fluctuating blood sugars. But fluctuating blood sugars are very stable. A low-carb lifestyle makes your blood sugar levels beautifully stable. This gives rust and the hypo-risk is also much smaller. You will inject 1/3 to half less insulin! This allows you to move and do something. Here too, the carbohydrate-restricted diet has a positive effect on the prevention of late complications. Quite a win!

In this book I have therefore covered everything about the low-carbohydrate or low-carbohydrate lifestyle. How to attack this and what action steps you can use to get started.

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  • Afvallen met de Wet van Harriët

    Afvallen met de Wet van Harriët

    I am proud to present my third book ‘Lose Weight with Harriet’s Law. Carbohydrate-restricted works.” The low-carbohydrate lifestyle is the most successful for responsible weight loss. As an expert in the low-carbohydrate lifestyle, I was allowed to participate in the TV program of RTL Breakfast club. In it I was able to explain well why carbohydrate-restricted works. The info of the 10 episodes can be found in chapter 1.

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    Everyone on set was talking about it. It’s so logical too. Harriet’s Law: Watch carbs, not fat. I’ve been saying it for 30 years that carbohydrates are disastrous, disastrous for patients with diabetes but also for overweight people, especially overweight around the abdominal area! And we eat a lot of carbohydrates without noticing!

    Responsible weight loss: carbohydrate-restricted works, especially with diabetes

    This book contains a chapter especially for people with diabetes. Surely they recognize themselves in this! Frankly, it is beneficial for anyone with diabetes to eat low-carb or low-carb. It doesn’t matter what type of diabetes it is. Even if you don’t need to lose weight.

    Low-carb recipes and weekly menus in Weight Loss with Harriet’s Law. Low-carb works!
    Of course also with recipes and daily menus for 6 weeks for a Strict, Moderate or Light carbohydrate restriction (SML) because no one is the same.

    About half of the book consists of fun low-carb recipes and weekly menus.

    The result is a beautiful book that you really need to either lose weight and/or lower your diabetes medication.

  • Harriët Verkoelen - Echt afvallen doe je zo

    Echt afvallen doe je zo

    The book “Echt afvallen doe je zo” is about the low-carbohydrate lifestyle and helps with responsible and healthy weight loss. This is my second book and the result has turned out beautiful! In this book I explain, even more than in the first, why a low-carbohydrate lifestyle is healthy. And how carbohydrates are the culprits of the body fat around the abdominal area. It has been my specialty for over 30 years.

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    “Echt afvallen doe je zo” is the successor of “Andere gezonde voeding”.

    My first book was “Andere gezonde voeding”. Low blood glucose levels, high fat burning. This first book is no longer available. But this book is a wonderful substitute. But it is not without reason that the subtitle is: More about Other healthy foods, less carbohydrates.

    I explain clearly which metabolic processes promote obesity, especially if you have a predisposition to it. And so what you can do about it. Lots of explanation about the misunderstandings of fat in the diet and fat in your body.

    High fasting glucose and high cholesterol due to fatty liver

    If you have (pre)diabetes, an increasingly higher fasting glucose is caused by a fatty liver. That also applies to high cholesterol and triglycerides in your blood. This too is caused by a fatty liver and not by fat in our diet! Although our fat should always be unprocessed!

    Lose weight through less carbohydrates, don’t be afraid of fat

    In this book I explain the best way to really lose weight. In addition, other symptoms such as fatty liver, elevated fasting glucose and elevated cholesterol will also improve. Fat in the diet is not the cause of fat in your body. Carbohydrates are, however, because they are converted in the body into body fat (belly fat and organ fat).

    Low-carb recipes in Real weight loss is how you do it

    Of course there are delicious recipes and daily menus in this book. They were made by hobby chef Steven Fontein with beautiful photos by Mario Moens. “Have fun and still lose weight.”

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  • Harriët Verkoelen - Andere gezonde voeding

    Andere gezonde voeding

    “Andere gezonde voeding” is my first book and was published in June 2009, a bestseller! The low-carbohydrate lifestyle has been my specialty for over 30 years. Through my work as a dietician, but also as a diabetes nurse, I have developed a different vision of ‘healthy’ food for overweight people and people with diabetes.

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    Other healthy foods. Low Blood Glucose, High Fat Burning

    This book is intended for anyone who wants to lose weight but does not achieve sufficient results in the ‘normal’ way. Because a diet that doesn’t work is very frustrating and demotivating. The low-carbohydrate method works, motivates and gives a good feeling. Everyone feels fitter!

    First low-carb book in the Netherlands

    In 2009 I was the first in the Netherlands to write a book about the low-carbohydrate lifestyle. It was still very controversial at the time and I got a lot of negative reactions.

    Low-carb was highly controversial

    In the meantime, even doctors have written books about it and this lifestyle has become much more widely known. Not only that, it is also clear that it gives much better results in the treatment of obesity and diabetes. It is even possible to reverse diabetes2!

    Unfortunately, it is not yet embraced by all doctors, which means that tens of thousands of patients are unnecessarily prescribed too much medication.

    Carbohydrate restriction strict, moderate, light

    In this book I did not dare to go lower than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day. While I already knew that it could be lower and lower. Super low carbohydrates are not a health problem at all. In someone who is insulin resistant, it should be even lower. I explain this possibility in the books that followed. It describes that several forms can be applied, depending on your complaints and goals.

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