Darryl Edwards

  • Darryl Edwards - Animal Moves

    Animal Moves

    Train like an animal, move like a human

    Animal Moves is a groundbreaking new workout program from Darryl Edwards that utilises the functional and primal movements of the animal kingdom as inspiration for an exercise regimen that will have you the king or queen of the jungle in no time. Future-proof your body and reconnect with the fitter, stronger and healthier you with over 40 functional exercises, fun activities, and three four-week fitness programs.

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    • improve strength, speed and stamina
    • increase mobility, flexibility and stability
    • look, feel and perform better
    • save time – with high-intensity training methods
    • save money – no gym membership required
    • improve mood – using mindful movement
    • reduce stress – with breathwork and relaxation
    • have fun – on scheduled playout days
  • Darryl Edwards - Paleo Fitness

    Paleo Fitness

    The best way to get a strong, lean physique is to eat and work out the way nature intended. Paleo Fitness guides you through the fitness and exercise plan anthropological evidence has proven to be the most efficient, healthiest way to live–work out in the real world, for the real world. A healthy, athletic physique is as easy as tuning in to how your body evolved. This book shows how to work out with functional, playful, and primal movements for:

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    • improved strength, speed & stamina
    • greater mobility & flexibility
    • life-long fitness & good health

    Packed with step-by-step exercises, a two-week meal plan and delicious, satisfying, healthy recipes, Paleo Fitness helps you use the high-intensity methods proven to increase fitness in the shortest possible time.

  • Darryl Edwards - Paleo-from A to Z

    Paleo from A to Z

    The first Paleo encyclopaedia – a user’s guide to the Paleo lifestyle.

    • Having Trouble Finding Answers to Your Paleo Questions?
    • Do You Want to Lose Weight And Regain Health?
    • Do You Want to Prevent And Reverse Disease?
    • Could You or Someone You Know Benefit from a Healthier Lifestyle?
    • Do You Want to Feel Better Than Ever, But Not Sure Where to Start?
  • Darryl Edwards - 7 Daagse Introductie

    7 Daagse introductie tot Paleo Fitness

    De beste manier om een sterk, slank figuur te krijgen is om te trainen op de manier waarop de natuur dit bedoeld heeft. Dit boek bevat makkelijk te volgen instructies, tips en foto illustraties van hoge-intensiteitstraining (HIT) en lage intensiteit, flow-based workouts die zich allemaal richten op een goede houding.

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    Er is ook een oefening gebaseerd op mindful ademhaling om stress te verminderen en om te helpen met het herstellen terwijl u zich bezig houdt met Paleo Fitness.

    U wilt fitter, sterker en gezonder worden binnen 7 dagen?
    Hier is een introductie tot Paleo Fitness wat u zal helpen om juist dat te bereiken!

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